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Bamboo Generations 

Leveraging bamboo as an iconic tool

to fight the climate crisis

Join us!

It will take multiple generations to tackle climate change. Use bamboo to reconnect different generations sustainably.


Bamboo Scaffolding is 
- an art & a science 
- easy to learn & master
- fun to play with 
- great for team work
- easy to unleash your creativity


In subsequent Bamboo Scaffolding Workshops, we encouraged the participants to design and create a bamboo products / facilities for display and use in the Children’s Bamboo Park. The Park will be open to the public, and we have a specific group of children in mind – those from low-income families. We firmly believe that children have the right to play.  But in the HK content, many children are deprived of this right. Children from low-income families are particularly disadvantaged in this respect. Just think: Where is the right to play for children living in sub-divided flats?


We would like to build not just one Children’s Bamboo Park, but many versions of it in different parts of HK so that they could be within reach of most children.

Bamboo Generations Movement

Certified Bamboo Scaffolding Instructor Training Program


Certified Bamboo Playground


Bamboo Park 


A park with bamboo toys created by children for children

From Anji Play to Children's Bamboo Park


Experiential Workshop

with Corporate

perfect for team building 


教育創新 減少「預設」

Bamboo Generations


" This is the best team-building activity I ever attended.  Not only that learning about bamboo-scaffolding was eye-opening, but also sharing this unique experience with my team in a lovely village was memorable and lots of joy.  Gilbert was a great facilitator. He was able to unleash our positive energy and connect the team through activities and discussions.  I got to see my fellow teammates as persons whom I can have fun with, not simply co-workers.  Of course It was tremendous fun too!  "

Katherine Lam @ Urban Spring 

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