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Empowering NEXT Leaders


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Impact Partners HK, a new organization founded by Dr. KK Tse ("Social Innovation Thought Leader of the Year 2020 Award” by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship) and a group of passionate professionals, is committed to nurture and support responsible leaders of the future.


The world urgently needs new form of leadership to tackle most pressing challenges now.  We believe next-generation leaders are devoted and capable to collaborate with all societal forces (business, social and government) to create positive social and environmental impact and MOVE the world becoming livable for everyone, now and future.  Impact Partners HK promotes thought-leading ideas and forward-looking tools, makes available the knowledge, experience, resources, networks to all individuals and groups to become Next Leaders, and lower the barriers to participate in this MOVEMENT.


We proactively reach out to engage with and mobilize organizations, groups, and enterprises to join forces, harnessing old and new powers, to reset a sustainable way of living and working.


Our expertise includes : thought leadership academy, social innovation, movement building, training and consultancy, social impact marketing.


Movements include

1/ B Corp

2/ Growth Mindset

3/ ReWirement

4/ Lean Startup

5/ Sustainable Tourism

6/ Bamboo Generations

7/ Blessing Community

8/ Nature Dao

9/ People of Differences

10/ Others

Our Stories


Story 1 

KK Tse


KK was a business executive and management consultant before his early retirement in 2000 at the age of 52. Since then he have had a series of new careers. 


First, he became a serial social entrepreneur, having founded a number of highly successful social enterprises and was the founding Chair of the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum.


Ten years ago, he began to make the transition to B Corps. He was the co-founder of the first and second Certified B Corporations in HK, and is currently the Co-chair of B Lab HK & Macau.


In 2020, he received the Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Thought Leader of the Year Award in recognition of his contribution to promoting social innovation during the past twenty years. 


At the age of 72, he believes that his greatest achievements are yet to come. In founding Impact Partners HK, he wants to ‘open-source’ his knowledge, skills, networks and resources to all those who aspire to create positive social and/or environmental impact on society. He will do it innovative ways, leveraging technology and his special gift of learning designs. He will be crystallizing his wisdom for easy access on the internet so that individuals or teams could tap on them completely free of charge. It is an ambitious project and will take some years to complete.


KK is keen to do this because he ‘wants to live forever’, an idea popularized by the book How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations by Marc Freedman. The idea is simple: as mortals, we will not live forever; but if we could find ways to effectively connect to the younger generations, we could realize our dreams and aspirations through them. That’s why he is determined to pass all his expertise, experience and wisdom to younger generations.

Story 2

Phoebe Lam and Vickie Yip


Two young ladies who are roughly half the age of KK. This makes them perfect partners for KK to realize his dream of living forever.


Phoebe was a fashion designer and social entrepreneur. Vickie was a real estate development marketing executive. Both have experienced the business world first hand and did not think that it is doing justice to human needs and aspirations. Then they came to know about B Corps. They took part in a B Corp Consultant Training Program masterminded by KK, and became certified as B Corp Consultants.


Then they came across the book New Power by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms. They were impressed by the company that Jeremy set up, named Purpose, that helps individuals and organizations to build movements based on New Power and New Values. Within ten years, the company has grown to a scale that engages a team of over 100 professional staff. 

To Phoebe and Vickie, this is a proof that movement building is not only a positive force for creating significant social change, but a business that could be financially viable and scalable. 


They decided to build the Purpose of Hong Kong. Their vision is to build an ever-growing pool of movement builders who could initiative self-sustaining and high-impact movements for social causes.


They discussed their plan with KK, just at the time that the latter was contemplating his own big plan.


The two plans sounded like perfect match; so they decided to work together. 

Impact Partners HK was born as a result.


Story 3

Gilbert Lee


Another perfect partner for KK to realize his dream of living forever.

Gilbert is a Passionate Midlifer fully dedicated to the societal movements of

1. Business as a Force for Good;

2. ReWirement of Midlifers to contribute to Inter-Generational collaboration & development;

3. Building of Co-Creation Confidence and Competency to drive social entreprenuership.


With over 30 years' experience in consumer insights and of a highly people-focused approach, Gilbert is a seasoned corporate coach, specializing in empowering key stakeholders and facilitating teams to develop essential capabilities of Empathy, Creativity, Rationality and Ability to Collaborate to enable effective innovation in diverse cultural and organizational settings. 

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