Certified Bamboo Scaffolding Instructor

Training Program 


Certifying body : Impact Partners HK

Open-ended evolution

The Certified Bamboo Scaffolding Instructor Training Program offers a quick and comprehensive introduction to Bamboo Scaffolding skill as well as the Bamboo Generations Movement. Throughout this course you will learn how to design bamboo structures, making bamboo modules for Bamboo Park by bamboo scaffolding skill. 


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The Training Program

   The entire program consist of four components   


   3 Days   

   Training workshops   


   Team-based self study  



 - be a Trainee Instructor   


   Graduation Project   

Who should join?


  1. Anyone interested in mastering the basic skills of bamboo scaffolding to enable design and creation of bamboo-based products

  2. Anyone who is keen to harness bamboo as an iconic tool for educating the public on the imperative of fighting the climate crisis

- 任何對搭棚基本技巧有興趣的朋友,並希望利用自身技能回饋社會並產生積極正面影響的朋友

- 任何關注氣候危機的朋友,並希望透過推動竹的應用來解決氣候問題



  1. No specific educational qualifications required.

  2. The ideal participants should have secondary education. Those with university degrees are welcome.

  3. Growth Mindset mentality is a must: ready to accept challenges, not afraid of failures/mistakes/setbacks, and good at learning from experience.

  4. Those who want to join the program must have attended at least one of our full-day Bamboo Scaffolding Workshops.*

- 不需要特定的學歷。

- 基本具有中學教育或相關能力,歡迎擁有大學學位的。

- 必須具備成長心態:準備接受挑戰,不怕失敗/錯誤/挫折,並善於從經驗中學習。

- 參加者必須至少參加一次我們的搭棚工作坊。*

*Interested to experience one full-day Bamboo Scaffolding Workshop, please join us and become Bamboo Generations


Program Duration

Around Three months 約三個月

*News* Coming course : May to July 2021

​最新課程開辦日期: 二0二一年五月至七月


3 Days Training Workshop: 4th, 11th, 18th of May, 2021

Team-based self study, Practice - be a Trainee Instructors & Graduation Project 

Career Path for Bamboo Scaffolding Instructor

Honorarium / Business Development

Let it be pointed out that we do not expect that one can earn a lot of income from being a Certified Bamboo Scaffolding Instructors, Nevertheless, we insist that Instructors should receive some monetary compensation for their work, hopefully everyone should enjoy the Income with Impact!

Training Fee

$3,000 for the entire program

Early bird discount - $2,000 for those who enroll and pay the fee before April 7, 2021.

全期學費 $3,000, 早鳥優惠價$2,000,


Details please join our Next Briefing Session in April, contact us to know more.

請參加 2021年4月的簡介會(Zoom)了解更多 ,  請按查詢詳情.